I tried to give Dave a head in a box to emulate St. Valentine’s fate, but the drone in question ruined said surprise by leaking oil out the flimsy cardboard seams.

It’s either really romantic or really idiotic that we continue to get each other the same gifts each year. Though I’ll take the victory this time, since I put the drone head in a Hefty bag before sticking it in a box.

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Just kidding, I already am done. For now. But though I’m falling quiet now, know that I haven’t left. I’ll never leave. I’ll always be there, on the boundary of blogging, ready to return. Ready to blog about my dick. Ready to serve.

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I came back to complain about Dave Strider because the alternative, at this point in time, is complaining to him about him.

Our relationship has matured to the point where our romance is sitting in a room by ourselves complaining about each other to each other for hours on end.

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i was asked to do an illustration for the What Pumpkin 2014 Homestuck calendar. I got the lovely month of December and had to make sure my sweet bro and hella jeff got their spotlight in the show.

homestucklovestuck: No but hi :D

Well, now’s your chance. Live a little, look a lot. Hello.

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homestucklovestuck: Hey Dave why dont you show your eyes

Haven’t you checked my GPOY tag? I only keep my shades on long enough to take them off dramatically.

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littleredridingglare: Hey Dave! Whats up?

Not much good, really. Ten day old asks, yeah. Was gonna wait to answer this til I had some great shit to say but it looks like we hit that downhill point a while ago. Hmmm let me think of something good. There’s no more Faygo in the water mains? But that’s because they finally shut all the pumps off. The joke got too old for clowns even. Clowns.

What’s up with you Red?

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proscribedhereticism: ⊕ ((laughing))



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Don’t worry about answering that Rust, the expert just arrived. Expert, I don’t actually want to talk about dangerous genitalia but we have to look very seriously at test tubes and scribble frantically on a chalkboard, in order to worry the summonerd.

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ruf1oh: How can you have sex when your anatomy consists of a set of matryoshka suits? Tell me how that works, The Dave.

I will trade you secrets, The Rufioh. How do you have sex when your anatomy consists of some Pacific Rim shit?

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invoquerlumiere: ⊕ My alternate said that all Roses should send you one of these so I'm obliging her.


I’m pretty sure it’s a universal constant.


But this is not choice ass I know. This place is not my home. Things are not as they should be. The comforting becomes unfamiliar and a chill runs down my spine. Something is wrong. What, I know not.

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gesamtgestalt-deactivated201310: ⊕ You know we were both thinking it.



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geminidoomed: ⊕ thii2 ii2 iin no way goiing two make my dave look at me awkwardly nope..


whoot woot?

When I think of you and your physical appearance only two things come to mind. One is all that glowy flashy shit you got going on. Where’d you get eyes like that Riddick. Your banner you got them glowy hands. Your sidebar you got wings like a 90’s hacker movie with the leet codes projected on em. It’d be like fucking a rave. 



The other thing I think of is the fact that you usually look like a 13 year old to me.

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littleredridingglare: Alright let's g⊕


Best alien babe


Celebrity disillusionment the next morning as I would lose my untouchable idol status and that just will not do. Unless, I mean, unless you like rugged post-apocalyptic heroes and their perfectly tousled hair. Sometimes I pull that off.

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